My adventure


Once upon a time, there was a business that you did with your heart...

At the start of this adventure, I had obtained a professional appointment for my other activity O3libros, at the French creche in Barcelona.

I then met clemence_empoweryou (Clémence) , a wonderful woman full of ambitions, mother of 4 children, a serial entrepreneur as she defines herself! Meet up super friendly, we get along very well, at the same time we attract the same kind of people in life and around us...

Some time later, my friend Lydia said to me "hey have you tested Clémence's products?, they are so good"... What followed was a beauty party meeting, product and machine tests on half of the face where we had this wow effect!

My personal goal:

My goal was to get rid of the spots I had on my face. After buying 3x of the vinoperfect serum at around €38, the number 1 anti-dark spot serum on the market. I said to myself “this isn’t working the way I hoped!”

I found out afterwards, but a serum works on the surface and does not penetrate the deeper layers of the epidermis like a peel for example.

The short-term solution:

And then I compulsively bought all kinds of masks, which we all know: with hyaluronic acid, healthy glow, with vitamin C, with vegetable charcoal to eliminate blackheads, moisturizing. .. to eliminate these stains and have a fresh complexion because yes I wanted to change the appearance of my skin!

Also going through a facial sauna, I asked my husband for a fabric mask lol . I was happy with the effects of the mask on my skin. Yes at the time I had a luminous complexion, a good dose of hydration, a relaxing effect... But these benefits do not last over time and that's the problem.

Today I say stop!

Then I started by purchasing two products from the 180 range which I tell you about below.

Today, I know that I will not stop buying these products that work, are taking over my bathroom and that I am proud to talk about!

I dare to walk around without makeup, my complexion has never been so luminous. My skin, without blackheads, spots, spots or imperfections!

Start of my new strategy:

1) Obtain products from the 180 range:

- The 1st, face wash including 10% active vitamin C which targets the appearance of age spots and skin discolorations,
- The 2nd, AHA Facial Peel, composed of 10% lactic acid solution, AHAs which help stimulate cell renewal.

2) Acquire my machines:

- The 1st, my Lumispa, one of my favorites! Cleans my skin deeply, waterproof in the shower, great. I can't do without it anymore!
- The 2nd, the Boost, this nugget which reveals the radiance of the complexion and boosts my collagen every day!

3) Participate in inspiring events:

Sharing, meeting people from the team, leaders during seminars, pure fun! These events on mindset and personal development train me on new developments, clinical results, product manufacturing, and the values of my partner!

4) Be part of a team to move forward:

Ahah this photo with Edgar and the box of collagen! Quite a story, where we had a great laugh with Clélia, one of the team members... Meeting Emmanuelle from Portugal. And Rodrigue this Toulouse, this doctor who presents to us the values of Pharmanex: our quality food supplements based on cutting-edge science.

5) Train yourself in scientific studies:

Our doctors who demonstrate to us the effectiveness of the wellness program and food supplements for our health! Targeting the 9 functions of the body: “Combining the best of nature with a scientific approach”. Learn about the benefits and composition and use of products with the product specialist “Barbara Tresson.”

6) Meet leaders:

To grow, you need to be challenged and supported. These photos with certain leaders, they who invest, train us and give us the keys! “To set out to conquer new horizons is first of all to overcome the laziness of good excuses” Edgar Grospiron


A business in my phone

Today, I'm taking this opportunity to explain my approach...

I develop a network of customers to whom I recommend the best technologies and products. Because I have joined forces as an independent distributor with an American laboratory specializing in global innovation and anti-aging. Thanks to network marketing based on my personal and professional relationships, I develop my network of partners whom I recruit and support for additional salary or to become independent!

No, I don't want to become an influencer, I buy and consume the products that I present to you and whose results amazed me from the first use! I can do all this remotely via my phone, my computer or even via calls, zoom meetings and social networks!

Relationship marketing is based on our relationships in life, and not just on the power of our social networks.
I never push to buy... no forced sale.
I buy and present to you all the products I use daily.
I do not do brand promotion or sponsorship for publications, because I am not paid (this is not authorized by my partner).
And yes, I buy, I test the products, share my results and I recommend them to you.
For me, the choice of this partner also means + 250 product references, the fruit of scientific research and numerous patents!
No one escapes time: let yourself be pampered to combat these signs in advance and give YOU back a little control over the appearance of your skin.
I love seeing your results, discussing feedback on my product recommendations or promotions... having this exchange is important.
Consume beauty products from the platform, those of my partner.
Share my results and speak from the heart about the products I liked.
I get a margin from an affiliate sale.
I can offer free sponsorships, starting from nothing, without constraints and allow you to create your additional salary.
Only one thing: have an open mind to new encounters, a warrior's minset and give yourself the means.
“Multi-level marketing (MLM)” is often confused with “illegal pyramid selling”. This system allows only a few people, generally located at the very top of the pyramid, to earn money.

The objective of this system is not to distribute a product to consumers, but simply to extract money from people at the bottom of the pyramid system through the payment of an entry ticket. It is this system that gives MLM a bad reputation.

MLM, or multi-level marketing, is a home sales system, which works on the principle of product demonstrations presented during meetings. Each seller, whether sponsor or godchild, receives remuneration thanks to the sales they make. “MLM is a legal practice in France”. These articles prohibit companies from setting up a pyramid selling system and require them to pay remuneration for the sale of products, not for recruiting new sellers. A seller cannot therefore be paid based on the number of referrals he has recruited. Likewise, recruiting a seller in exchange for a reduction on a good or service is prohibited.

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