The care routine


Why adopt a routine based on your specific needs?

Taking care of your skin is essential to maintaining a radiant appearance and optimal skin health. Whether you're new to skincare or looking to improve your current routine, I'm here to guide you through a basic skincare routine.

Results are not always instantaneous, but with a regular and adapted routine, you can see significant improvements over time.

Whether you have dry, oily, combination or sensitive skin, whether you're looking for solutions for acne, wrinkles or spots, discover practical tips to start your journey to more beautiful, healthier skin.

¿Cuáles son las principales etapas de una rutina de belleza?

The facial CLEANSER helps eliminate dirt, accumulated sebum and dead cells. Besides, we as women wear makeup, which is why I use the LUMISPA a complete skincare device to help fight against your most common problems.

7 benefits:
  • The skin is smoother
  • The skin is softer
  • Skin appears twice cleaner
  • It is more radiant
  • Reduction of the appearance of pores
  • Clearer, more radiant skin
  • Visibly fresher complexion
My beauty partner's TONICS will quickly penetrate the skin to deliver a rapid supply of hydration. They can help you exfoliate your skin for a visibly more radiant complexion or help your skin maintain its balance, depending on your needs.
There are different types of SERUM. It is a treatment specifically designed to treat various skin problems in depth:
  • Loss of hydration
  • Brown spots
  • Redness
  • Relaxation of the facial contour.
My partner developed a small tool 'the BOOST' which is the size of a hand for wrinkles and fine lines. This technology works with positive to negative pulses and allows the serum to penetrate well. Extracted from vitamins B and C to reveal the skin's natural radiance. And for a ultimately brighter face. More natural effect thanks to hyaluronic acid.
The day cream may contain an SPF, lighter in texture than the night cream. The night cream, the ingredients will work optimally, when you go to sleep and protected from the negative effects of the sun. This is when our skin regenerates best. Find our organic adaptive MOISTURIZERS:

Moisture Restore Cream

It soothes, softens and smoothes your skin while providing lasting hydration throughout the day. Your look remains impeccable.

Me Intense Hydrating Cream

It’s an ultra-rich facial cream that delivers a real wave of hydration to the skin and leaves it soft and radiant for hours.

Hydrating Gel Cream

The smoother, more radiant skin that accompanies each application of this non-greasy moisturizing gel cream for the face.

Fight the aging process with products that remove dead cells, unclog pores, smooth and firm your wrinkles, and hydrate your skin.

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