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A combination of nutrition science and beauty knowledge

MultiBeauty is a powerful multinutrient that nourishes hair, nails and skin for spectacular results. It combines several carefully selected ingredients in a single, easy-to-take dietary supplement.

In this formula, you will find zinc, a multitasking element that helps nourish and protect skin cells from oxidative stress, and also contributes to the maintenance of hair and nails. At the same time, biotin helps nourish skin and hair.

Beauty benefits you'll love

The daily intake of MultiBeauty can:

  • Promote healthier, more beautiful hair
  • Leave hair looking stronger and more nourished
  • Improve the overall appearance of nails
  • Reduce the brittle appearance of nails
  • Improve facial firmness and tone
  • Positively impact the appearance of eye wrinkles and skin elasticity thanks to the combination of rosemary extract + grapefruit extract


The study that proves it

The subjects responded positively to the following questions*:

79% claims that his hair feels stronger and more nourished with MultiBeauty

64% claims that MultiBeauty improves the overall appearance of nails

The 100 % claims that MultiBeauty improves the appearance of facial skin firmness

  • After 12 weeks of taking Beauty Focus MultiBeauty once daily as directed. 30 people participated in the study.


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